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Spider Wi-Fi platform

It is a smart networking platform that connects the individual components (antenna, routers, firewall, databases) in order to provide the optimum network services for your corporation and your clients.
When you are in WiFi range, you connect your device through the access point. You are asked for a user name and a password to connect to the internet.
End users are connected through WiFi. When they open their web browser they are re-directed to a registration web page. From the same page they can purchase the access that…
Any WiFi enabled device can connect: Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets/PDAs.
All our spots provide speeds from 1Mbps to 4Mbps! We have the fastest hotspots available.
Independently of your device’s settings, Spider creates a protective “shield”, so all users can protect their identity and their personal files. Spider does not provide any antivirus protection though.
With the advanced Spider software, you can connect up to 8 ADSL lines regardless of who is your provider.
The system is very robust. As more users connect into the system, the software adjusts each user’s connection speed so that bandwidth is optimized without loss of data quality or…
We have 4 options to fit every business’ needs: Basic, Silver, Gold, Custom. From 349,00€.

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