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There are some examples following

1Home-Cinema: With the Start command, system will check the external lighting conditions and if it is necessary it will close the electrical curtains or the blinds to bring darkening in the room. Then it will lower the lighting, draw down the electrical screen and boot the audio and video devices.If, during the projection, an event happens (if e.g. the phone rings or the doorbell), FYES will pause the projection and boost the local lighting's level until viewers return for the continuation of it.

2When the doorbell rings, FYES turns on the TVs in rooms where there is human presence and it projects the image from the front door's camera.

3While entering the house, the wall pad asks for the password. Depending on the time and the password that is entered, the system will deactivate the alarm system, it will bring the appropriate lighting, it will turn on the radio or the TV in your favorite channel, it will set the blinds-rolls to the desired position, it will prepare hot water for bath etc.

4If we are absent and a visitor rings the doorbell, FYES can call as at the mobile phone and connect us with the door phone, in order to talk with the visitor.

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