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FYES, with its advanced technology, continuously monitors its environmental conditions and acts autonomously to prevent and protect. In other words it operates as a loyal housekeeper.

For example, if the system detects prolonged absence in the kitchen (no feeling of motion or presence, door/window opening or closing, no command at the local wall pads for a specific time interval and at the same time, it detects current supply to the cooker or the electrical oven, it sends audio and visual message to all the installation's wall pads. The message is going to inform the tenants that the electric stove is operating, while there is immobility for a long time. After waiting 3 to 5 minutes, and as long as the system continues to detect immobility in the kitchen, it will interrupt the electricity supply of the outbreaks or the oven. The supply will automatically be replaced immediately whenever human activity is detected again.

Another example: the departure from the house is normally done with the appropriate announcement to FYES about tenant's intention (press the button for the absence). This announcement activates different security systems of the residence, in each case. The surveillance of the house, via sensors, is permanent and any exceptional event will be announced to the tenants via SMS or email.
However there is always the possibility that the tenants may leave without informing the system, which after a certain period of time will "understand" a state of prolonged immobility.
Then, FYES will announce the event to the wall pads, using an audio and a visual message and it will also send a SMS to all the registered recipients that are designated to be informed about the specific case. After that, it will wait for 15 minutes and if it receives instructions via SMS, it will execute them and confirm by sending a new text message. If it doesn't receive any response, then it will proceed to first level actions, by interrupting the operation of probable dangerous or energy intensive appliances. (Kitchen, oven, electric water heater, aircondition etc). After that, it will send a new SMS to announce the measures taken, and it will wait for 15 minutes more. If it continues to not receive any answer, it will proceed in second level actions and put the residence in absence mode, by closing the blinds, turning off the lighting and other electrical appliances and arming the alarm system.

An alternative implementation of the above example is monitoring the elderly people. In that case, the detection of prolonged immobility indicates that the supervised person does not show any activity for a long time, something that maybe means that this person needs help.

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