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FYES incorporates all the security and protection operations (alarm system, fire detection etc). This means, that the supply of these systems is not required. The operation of these functions is implemented with the most intelligent and flexible ways.



1Before we go to sleep we press the "goodnight” button and FYES will take care of everything. It will report at the screen the possible open windows or doors, it will turn off the lights and electrical appliances, it will shut the rolls, it will reduce temperature levels in rooms that are not used during the night and it will also activate the alarm system, including motion sensors. Then it observes the form of the motion in every room, if someone gets up to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen, it understands that the motion is internal and therefore legal so the alarm won't be enabled. Otherwise if the system understands an illegal motion (e.g. at the living room because someone broke the window to enter in the house), the alarm will be activated and the lights will be turned on, it will inform by using an audio and visual sign in wall pads, it will send SMS and activate the sirens.

2In an office building, there is a possibility for a user, considering that he is the last person leaving the building, to press the "secure the place" button. If this happens and there are other employees in other rooms of the building, the alarm system will be activated and cause disruption. FYES, though knows about the personnel's presence, so in that case, it won't proceed with the command. Instead, it will use audio signs and references to the wall pads' screens that are in the rooms of the remaining staff, in order for them to communicate with each other and to avoid inconvenience.

3When the external cameras that are located around the building, detect motion, FYES will turn on the TVs in the rooms where tenants are and will display the image from the corresponding camera.


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