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What is FYES?

FYES system is the most complete and technologically advanced solution in today's electrical and mechanical installation of living spaces. It is designed in order to meet the needs of small and big residences, buildings, offices, shops, hotels, public areas, production areas and other installations. FYES unifies the control of conventional, electromechanical installations, security systems, communication and IT systems and provides convenience, economy and protection.

FYES consists of a holistic control system which connects and organize all the subsystems of an area (heating cooling, ventilation, water/gas/electricity supply, lighting, switches, electrical appliances, irrigation, monitoring and protection systems, networks, mobile phones, audio and video systems) under a single management. FYES system manages room's operations in an intelligent way, according to the user's needs, the type of installation and after taking into account internal and external conditions, by using the appropriate

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