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Our Company

The company Faitakis Eustathios founded in 1996 as a repair workshop electronics - installation of security systems, supply & installation of all electronic equipment in a hotel unit (call centers, satellite systems, fire safety, wireless - wired internet, energy saving, access control, bms, theaters, etc.).

We developed a platform to deliver fast internet with the name "Spider". With specialized algorithms we use, makes the application ideal and flexible for every hotel, cafes, municipalities and generally any application puplic internet access.

The company's customers are hotel units, public organizations, professionals, municipalities, churches, individuals, etc. Among our clients are several of the largest hotel complexes in Greece.

The Faitakis Eustathios with consistency, expertise, the Spider and the firms we represent can be characterized as continuous business development and product supply peak.

Our Location

Ioanni Sergaki 20

72400 Neapoli, Crete

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